Dovetail Resources is a consulting firm specializing in applied conflict research, analysis and resolution.

We do creative problem-solving, … but our preference is creative problem avoidance.

Dovetail’s primary area of activity has been in the challenging field between Canadian First Nations and those who have come after. Experience over thirty years has included:

  • Land Claims
  • First Nation/Industry Relations
  • Municipal and Treaty Government Relations
  • Joint Venture and Cooperative Business Agreements
  • Research and coordination of research in support of Land Claims
  • Historic Research and Substantiation of Traditional Land Use Areas
  • Performing the role of an independent “Neutral”
  • Multi-party, Multi-lateral Agreements
  • Nation to Nation Relations
  • Race Relations

A second area of activity has grown to include internal relationships for First Nations and other organizations, such as:

  • Consensus decision-making and collaborative, accountable, corporate and governance structures
  • Client-based problem analysis and winning strategy development
  • Effective harmonization of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal decision-making structures and design of successful ‘consultation’ processes
  • Coordination, design and management of community-sensitive and legally compliant complex capital and development projects
  • Training and local capacity building
  • Facilitation of community-based Governance and self-government initiatives
  • Community-based or organization-based strategic and economic planning

If you think our skills and experience might be of assistance in the challenges and opportunities faced by your First Nation, Company, Government or organization, please call us to discuss.

Phone 807-468-5393 or e-mail at dovetailresources@gmail.com

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